Vivement dimanche!

If there was someone
besides Massoulier.

I must tell you something:
Massoulier was my wife's lover!
I know it,
but it's none of my business.
Where's the gun that was here?
In my pocket.
Oh, no!
It's crazy for you to run away,
but if it's to kill your wife,
I won't let you.

I'm not going to kill her...
she's already dead!

She was killed
in our house this evening...

but I didn't do it.
Do you believe me?
It's hard to believe...
She came home at 7 p.m.
We had a big fight.
Then, this fool,

Santelli's assistant,
took me back to the police station.

I was very upset
but they allowed my lawyer
to come over.

He drove me home.
When he asked when my wife
was coming back, I lied...

and said she'd be back in 2 days.
Because of that stupid lie,
I couldn't ask him to help me.

My daughter's feverish.
I want to make sure she's okay.

Don't worry.
Calm down and get some sleep.