Vivement dimanche!

Do you believe me now?
- Would the cops believe me?
- No.

I have no choice.
I must dig
into Marie-Christine's past.

I must investigate in Nice
where she ran a beauty salon.

I've got to run.
No, you can't drive
in your condition.

I'll make you some coffee
or you'll fall asleep.

I'm much too keyed up
to fall asleep at the wheel.

Let me give you my opinion.
I think you should turn yourself in
as a temporary prisoner.

"A temporary prisoner!"
And I'll go to Nice
to investigate for you.
I know Nice very well.
I went to business school there.
It was the best school
for the Prevost-Delaunay system.
It was on Plaza Albert Ist.

I guess that's not very exciting.
Here's the coffee.