Vivement dimanche!

It's a nightclub!
It wasn't a beauty salon?
It's been
the "Red Angel" for years.

If I were you,
I wouldn't set foot in there.

What do you mean?
You may not believe me,
but if you come in,

I won't wait for you.
It's Louison's joint.

- Who is she?
- I don't know...

but I don't want trouble.
Make up your mind:
You stay

or we go on but I'm leaving.
Okay, on to the Garibaldi.
A room for the night.
Have you reserved?
Mme Vercel recommended
her room to me.

Mme Vercel.
She was in room 813,
but it isn't ready.

You can have room 811, next door.
Where's your luggage?
It'll be here tomorrow.
But you wanted a room
for one night.

Yes. My luggage will get here
in time for my departure.

Just a minute, please.
Shall I pay in advance?
No, it's alright.