Wu fu xing

I have nothing to do with it!
Please show me that diamond watch.
I'm sure you'll be
satisfied with this one.

This one's not bad either.
This one suits you.
That's right.

Chan! Long time no see!
Never thought I'd bump into you here!

How's life?
I told you not to be trigger-happy!
I told you it has nothing to do with me!
Don't move! This is a hold up!

Don't move.
I'll shoot anyone that moves!

Don't look! On your knees!
Let's go!
Sir, how are you? Are you alright?
I'm fine. I go home,
put some antiseptic on and I'll be okay.

How can that be?
You're bleeding all over!

No problem. I'm used to it.
Sir, those robbers ran that way.
Follow me!
You can't move!
What's the matter?
He got shot!
Call an ambulance, quick!
No, don't call the ambulance!
Don't be scared, don't be scared.
Be careful
No, really!

I'm alright!
You're covered with blood.
What're you here for?

For a stick up, okay?
Of course it's not okay. Otherwise
you wouldn't get arrested. Come on!

Why are you still standing there?
Sir, this is such a narrow street.
We should go one by one.

Get on with it!
I'm in a good mood today.