It was as though he was afraid.
It was supposed to remain
our secret.

But instead...
He certainly chose a strange place,
the cemetery of Spina.

Luigi Costa? Did you try
the Etruscan necropolis?

- Sometimes they make a mistake!
- Well?

He's in the night club.
- Where did you say?
- It has always been called that.

It's a kind of underground place.
Sorry I can't go with you, I'd have
done a rhumba with the young lady!

Last chapel on the right!
This is creepy!
- Want to wait for me outside?
- Are you kidding?

Here it is!
At last I get to see his face.

- It's strange, though...
- What?

They must've broken the tombstone
when they set it.

In fact they set it very recently.
The cement is still fresh.
While these...
Are at least two weeks old,
if not more.

Kind of hard to put flowers
on a gravestone before you set it.