People from all over the country
fight for space...

to peek at this new wonderment.
Selling mementos
while her brother...

is allowed
to be on exhibition...

is only the beginning
for Ruth Zelig and Martin Geist.

Admission is charged for
twice-daily demonstrations...

of Leonard's stunning prowess.
He does not disappoint...
changing appearance
over and over upon demand.

Overnight, he has become
an attraction, a novelty...

a freak.
In this 1935 film
based on the life of Zelig...

called "The Changing Man"...
the atmosphere
is best summed up.

We can't give up
custody of Leonard.

I know, if given the chance,
I can cure him.

Even our attorney
says it's hopeless.

Dr. Fletcher--
may I call you Eudora?

Somewhere behind
that vacuous face...

that zombielike stare...
is a real human being,
and I can bring it out.

Some new way, some technique.
Whatever it is,
it will have to be personal.

There's not much
I can do legally.

They don't care.
They'll exploit him.

They see a chance to make money.
Look. They're selling
this Leonard Zelig doll.

The film did not exaggerate.
There weren't only Leonard Zelig
pens and lucky charms...

but clocks and toys,
watches and books...

and a famous Leonard Zelig doll.
There were aprons,
chameleon-shaped earmuffs...

and a popular
Leonard Zelig game.