Beverly Hills Cop

l want you all to know, l could
have 25 agents here in 15 minutes,

to march in here, snatch your bond
and you'd be out of business,

if you don't cooperate. Understood?
We'll give you everything you need.
- Everything you need.
- That's not my Porsche, sir.

You've nothing to worry about, then.
You all take me for a fool. Hurry!

l notice you've been drinking
a lot of coffee lately.

l think that's why
you have a hard time relaxing.

Jesus Christ!
You almost gave me a heart attack.

- What are you doing here so late?
- You're a cocky son of a bitch.

lf you're still mad
about the banana, l'm sorry.

l needed some time to myself.
l wish l'd seen your face
when the car conked out.

Very funny. The lieutenant
docked us two days' pay.

Get outta here!
- He's not kidding.
- No, he's not kidding.

By the way, thanks for the sandwich.
lt was a joke, like the bananas.
l know what it's like on a stakeout.
That food was from the heart.

Why are we always arguing? We're all
cops. We should work together.

We've all had a rough day.
What do you say we go get something
to drink, make up and be friends?

Forget it.
OK, fuck it. l'm going to get
a drink. Follow me if you want.

But l lost you once, l can again.