Broadway Danny Rose

% You may possess the worId
% And aII of its goId
% Oh, but goId won't bring you happiness
% When you're growing oId
% Oh, the worId, it's stiII the same...
he's working these nostalgia cruises
and the audience is eating it up.

Suddenly an over-the-hill boy singer
is starting to get some attention.

% They shine high above...
And l am very honoured to announce that
one ofAmerica's great singing legends,...

..a cherished musical legend,
is making part ofhis comeback...

..on the Joe Franklin TV Show.
l hope my enthusiasm is generating,
cos l love this man.

l mean, ifyou can love a man,
l love Lou Canova. Lou.

- Thank you, Joe. You're very kind.
- l mean that. Are you sort of...

l've been on the show three, four times
and itjust helps.

l mean, it helps everybody.
You're New York. What can l tell ya?

l always had the feeling that you were
never obsessed to be a superstar.

You were never driven to be a superstar.
Youjust let it drift
and take its own course.

When l had a record out in the '50s,
it made some noise and everything,...

..and you start to get to feel as though
maybe you wanna be a bigger star.

lt didn't really bother me. But now l'm
doin' cruise ships, l'm doin' bigger shows.

l feel great. lt's a good time in life to do it.
OK. Now, two days later, Danny
runs into Milton Berle on Broadway.

Milton is doing an NBC special,
a nostalgia show.

plus he needs a singing act
to open for him at Caesar's palace.

Danny convinces him to come and
see Lou on a club date at the Waldorf.

And ifMilton likes Lou,
he gets the TV shot and Caesar's.

I mean, I Iove miIton. He's a beautifuI man.
- This is two years out of our guts.
- Don't be so nervous, Lou.

You gotta take him out Sunday and Iet
him reIax. He's gonna be aII wound up.