Broadway Danny Rose

- Then why did you come here today?
- I don't know.

- I guess I shouIdn't have.
- Tina, I Iove you.

- No. No, it's over.
- If I thought that, I'd kiII myseIf.

- Johnny, don't taIk Iike that.
- And you know I'd do it, too.

- You're too emotionaI.
- I wrote you a poem.

I shouIdn't have come.
I'm too mixed up myseIf.

- It's about our month in SiciIy.
- Can't you forget it?

We stroIIed on cIiffs of stone
Like Greeks of ancient times.
Your hair bIew this way and that
mixed with bits of sand.
Our eyes met
And then Iooked out toward the sea
- The bIue Aegean.
- Tina...

- We Iaughed and...
- What are you doin' here?

- I know what you're thinking. Pushy?
- I'm readin' a poem.

I'm sorry. I came to get you.
I wanna know what you're doing here.
- I want you to come with me.
- Who are you?

Danny Rose, theatricaI management.
might I get five minutes with the Iady?

Listen, you know I'm dying to come to
the WaIdorf. But I've been hurt, that's aII.

So this is who's been sending you the
singIe white rose every day? Danny Rose.

How do you know about the white roses?
BeIieve me, I know more about you
than you think I know.

- might I interject...?
- You know because you spy on me.

It's not spying when you care about
someone, what's happening to them.

Yeah, you check my maiIbox in my
apartment when I'm not there. Admit it.

So you prefer him with his white roses
to me and aII we were to each other?

I prefer someone that has
respect for me and doesn't spy!

- Are you going with him?
- (Tina mutters)

Tina, can I get one...? Tina.
- What are you doing with money?
- Are you a big shot, tearing your money?

I been tearing money
since my first HoIy Communion.

See this? 10 doIIars. I don't care.
- Here. What does it mean?
- 2û0, 2û0.

2û0? 2û0, 40, 60 doIIars.
What does it mean, you know?
It means nothin'.

mere fascination, that's aII it is.