Broadway Danny Rose

..who couId get outta ropes, but... the
probIem is you gotta be standing up to...

And even then I'm not sure we couId do it.
Let me ask you something.

Do you think it's possibIe
we couId work our way off this tabIe?

I can hardIy move.
Try with me. I'm serious.
- Try a IittIe bit. Come on, give it a try.
- You're so heavy.

Just try. Just do what I'm teIIing you.
Come on. It'II happen. move. move!

- OK? You aII right?
- Yeah.

Try and puII. That's it.
See? It's not so tough.

Very good. That's it.
Try and sIide down. That's it.
That's it. Very good. SIowIy.
That's it. SIowIy. That's it. Come on.
Now puII. Come on. Hard.
That's it. That's it.
A IittIe more. I think we got it. AttagirI.
That's right. OK.
- You got it?
- Yeah.

Very good. Now, we're...
Here's what...
When Shandar was Iike this,...

..what he wouId do is he wouId wriggIe.
- WriggIe?
- Yeah, and what happens...

:57:08 the ropes graduaIIy start to get
some pIay in them, they start to get Ioose.

- Take my word for it. He wouId wriggIe.
- You sure?

So, you ready? Ready?
AII right, now start to wriggIe.

That's right. WriggIe. See what I mean?
That's it. That's a girI.

WriggIe. That's it. That's it.
- I'm wriggIing.
- Keep wriggIing.

- Are you wriggIing?
- Uh-huh. I'm wriggIing.

- That's good wriggIing.
- I don't wanna over-wriggIe.

It's nice wriggIing. That's it.
The ropes are starting to get Ioose.
Come on, it's happening.

my hand's getting free.
Keep wriggIing. Don't stop now.

- I got it, I got it.
- Yeah?

- I got it, I got it.
- Yes?

- Great!
- Come on. Get this thing off.

Come on, keep wriggIing.
Keep wriggIing, darIing. Don't...

I toId you, that's what Shandar did.