Stop it!
I'll get closer.
You can do it. Keep coming!
Ariel, will you stop it? Now!
Stop showing off! It's not funny!
You're gonna kill yourself!

Look, please be careful!
He's testing us! He's testing us!
Ariel, there's a truck!
Get in the car!
Shit! Get in the truck!
Get in the car!
Be careful!
Come on! Get in!
Get in!
Jesus, we should never
have let her done that.

- Have you met any of your teachers?
- No, I haven't had a chance.

They've only been here
eight hours.

I took care of that last week.
Registered him and everything.

I made you some of those
Toll House squares I promised.

Lulu, you taste one of these,
you'll burn your recipe.

Reverend, we have a little problem.
I heard the English teacher
is planning to teach that book.

Slaughterhouse Five.
Isn't that an awful name?

That's a great book.
Slaughterhouse Five.
It's, it's a classic.