Good morning?
Have a nice day.
Yeah, you, too...
and a wonderful life.
Been keeping yourself amused?
Yeah, to say the least.
Mr. Anson.
Hold your horses.
I'll be right there.

Thanks, Eddie. Still no change?
Well, we all keep on
hoping and praying.

-How much money you got?
-I only got a quarter.

-What'll it be, boys?
-Two ice creams, please.

Why don't we make it three?
I think the house can afford it.

-Thanks, Mr. Anson.

Thanks a lot.
No problem.
Thank you.
Sorry, Mrs. Piersall,
next window.

I'm closing for a while.
You can't. I've been waiting
in this line twenty minutes.

Very sorry, Mrs. Piersall.
Some goddamn bank.
Gladys, calm down. We can just
move into the other line.

I am not going to move
into the other line.

I've been waiting here
for twenty minutes.

I couldn't believe it.
I'm so sorry.

It's all right.
Oh, Gladys,
that is unreasonable.

Well, Stuart, Margo.
Do you think that's unusual?
Happens all the time.