Think this could be a variant
of Tourette's syndrome?

I doubt it.
The development's way too fast.
No, thank you.
There's no facial twitching...
and as far as we know,
no genetic history.

What are you talking about?
That this could be
some kind of a disease.

It's as if the censor
in people has disappeared...

so they're acting on
any urge that comes along...

instead of censoring out
the unacceptable ones.

You ever get mad when
someone took your parking place?

Well, sure,
but I don't go around sma...

But that's crazy.
That's just crazy.
There's one thing
to be said for all this.

It gives us something to do
besides shuffling bedpans.

There's something wrong
with the phones.

I've been getting busy signals
all morning.

The door's locked. It doesn't
look like there's anybody here.

Well, that's strange.
It's Emmy Jones' shift.

She hasn't missed a day
in thirty years.

Watch out.
The main line must be down.
What the hell's going on?
Won't find anything wrong
with this water.