I brought you some candy.
You feeling any better today?
Sure. Thanks.
Now, hold still.
Put your finger there.
Not you, Jennifer.
-What happened?
-Jimmy sprained his wrist.

Broke it.
It's sprained. I told you.
Now take a hike.
It's been a bad morning.
-I got to do the kids' rooms.
-You OK?

Of course I'm OK.
Why wouldn't I be OK?

You left last night without
saying anything, and we were...

I'm fine.
God damn it, no.
-Shawn! Shawn!

I told you
to clean up your room!

I wish
they'd clean up their rooms.

Is that unreasonable?
Is that asking too much?

I want to talk to you.
If it's bad news,
I don't want to hear it.

I've got enough problems
with Jimmy's broken wrist.

I thought he sprained it.
Well, he did sprain it.
-That's what I said.
-No, you said...

What are you asking me
about his wrist for?

What difference does it make?
Margo, please, calm down.
Let's talk, OK?

Well, then
what'd you start for?

You're the one that started
talking about it.

-What are you looking at?
-What happened, Margo?

Tell me how Jimmy
broke his wrist.

Never mind.
Tell me how Jimmy
broke his wrist.

Why do you keep asking me that?
-Why are you yelling at me?
-I said never mind!

Mind your own fucking business!