La Diagonale du fou

- How do you feel?
- Fine, fine.

I'll feel better when the match starts.
Spoken like a true hero,
Akiva Israelovitch.

The test results are excellent.
Don't worry.

You have the heart of a cosmonaut.
You'll live to 120.

I prepared your case history.
Don't forget it.

And this, too.
Always keep some on you.
I don't think you'll need it.
- Anton, you promised you'd come.
- They refused my exit visa request.

Where are they?
I don't understand.

Moscow said they'd be on this flight.
What's going on?
They're going to reconstruct the game
you won against him in 1969.

You're lazy, you know.
Talented but lazy.
Go ahead and beat me, then.
Queen to G7.
If the rook takes B3,
the black bishop takes the pawn on C4.

Knight then takes
the bishop, naturally.

And black pushes the rook to G10.
It's over.
The whites have had it.
If you want to beat your opponent,
study the games he lost.