La Diagonale du fou

- Tac-Tac.
- Excuse me.

Anastase lganovitch,
what are you doing here?

You've been in Geneva
for half an hour.

Then let's get off this plane.
What are we waiting for?

They're here.
- Heller, his cardiologist?
- No.

I was right.
Liebskind isn't sick. This heart attack
story is all propaganda.

Your information is crap.
My information is good.
You think Tac-Tac is here
because of his skill as a chess player?

- How many threatening letters?
- Twelve.

Two are death threats.
All anonymous, as usual.

Pavius, I have the contract.
I already said no twice.
Three days' work, you pay off
your debts and you're set for life.

I won't do it.
You know how much you owe me?
If you want money,
give me something to sell.

Listen to me, Foldes.
Fromm is Fromm.

He's a professional chess player.
Have him play against
100 or 1,000 opponents...

blindfolded on a pillar
at the bottom of the ocean...

but they have to play me...
not a machine with my name on it.
Is that clear?
I'm going to town.