La Diagonale du fou

It's Liebskind's pen.
He left it on the table.
- You have to give it back.
- You don't understand.

He didn't forget it.
He meant to give it to me.
I'm sure of it.

I was 10 when he came to Kovno
for the championship.

He won.
Afterwards, he agreed to play
a simultaneous match...

against the club's best players.
I was the only one to beat him.
He was fantastic.
He asked for a rematch...
as if I were a real player
and notjust some kid.

He won, of course,
and afterwards he asked me...

"Do you want one last game?"
I said, "No. I want your secrets."
He laughed.
Play to win or I'll slap you.
For two hours
he gave me a lesson in chess.

Just me.
And I've forgotten none of it.
It was impossible to forget.
Tomorrow get him one just like this...
but in gold.
You see?
A very beautiful pen.
That way we'll be even.
Damn pen.
Where could I have lost it?

In the car.
The car or the boat.
We have to go see.

Have you seen my pen?
We'd like to speak with you,
Akiva Israelovitch.

Your attitude when they expelled
Professor Polotin.

Your passivity and silence
could be misinterpreted.