Les Nuits de la pleine lune

You want It of warehouse?
is not only that I need an own place.
To work?
Perhaps. But also to sleep.
Single, in my bed as a single person.
Era that!
Leave me to finish.
Today, for example, it would not have waked up to you.
did not sleep.
I want to do it by you.
Excuses! If you do not want to me, tell me.
You know that I want to you!
You do not explain anything to me!
you tell the things Me after doing them.
more would be opened if you did not think badly always.
to leave with people is not a crime.
- You also have friends - But they are men.
Mine also!
You could have friends.
does not interest to me To only you me interest.
You have been speaking all the night with Camille.
I know It by Xavier And they finish breaking.
Because it likes much.
and says that it would like to leave with you.
I do not see the grace him!
My idea on the apartment it goes in serious.
You Saturday get up early in order to go to play tennis.
Whereas I, Friday at night I leave…
and on the following day I can sleep.
You believe that I do not want to you, and it is not truth.