Once Upon a Time in America

He married a very wealthy woman.
Tell your bosses
they can wipe their ass on it.

They had a child.
She died when the child was born.
A few years ago
he went into politics.

Fill her up.
Moved here.
That's all past history.
I'm talking about now.

Right now he's in trouble.
Why don't you just tell me
you've been living him all these years?

And that you're his lover.
Age can wither me, Noodles.
This is my last...
We're both getting old.
Hold it, boys. Don't shoot.
It's me, Crowning.
The only thing we have left now,
are our memories.

If you go to that party
on Saturday night...

you won't have those anymore.
Tear up that invitation.
-Yeah. That'll do, boys.

There's an exit back this way.
What'll do? We almost got
the kid where we want him.

Noodles, go through it.
Keep walking.
Don't turn around.

And we got the boss
where we want him.

Please, Noodles.
I'm begging you. Please.
Put 'em down.
Put your guns away, boys.
Are you afraid I'll turn
into a pillar of salt?

If you go out that door, yes.
Just swapping prisoners.