...who lives just outside of town.
- We're sure proud of that.

Here's the Cougar band coming around
the corner at Main and Superior.

Right past Schmitter's Hardware.
Sunny Davis graduated in the top 75%
of her class at Diamond Junction High.

She was a pep girl, a member
of the hair-dressing club...

... and an expert Ping-Pong player.
Laurel, describe some
of the fashions here.

Well, Sunny Davis is wearing a
red smock, I guess you'd call it.

The vice president is wearing a suit.
There's Mayor Bernholtz.
He'll give Sunny, Diamond Junction's
version of the key to our city...

... the gold chain saw...
... with Sunny's name engraved
on the blade.

Courtesy of Schmitter's Hardware,
corner of Main and Superior.

Bless you!
Thank you.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Here, come on!
Here it is. Here you go, boy.
Come on.

Give it to me.
Come on.
What do you think?
Really fine.
- You think so, honest?
- Absolutely. I do.

It's like a real professional job.