Our children praise your name.
You're kidding.
Our beloved emir,
KhalaÂ’ad bin Abdul Majid...

...remembers you in his prayers...
...and hopes that until
you come to him...

...until you are with us...
Wait, who's coming where?
- you will accept as evidence of his
great affection this simple gift.

Oh, honest to God, it's not necessary.
This miserable token of his esteem.
How miserable?
We are very proud of our dear Sunny,
and we remain confident...

...that whatever choices
Sunny makes...

...whether it is with us or elsewhere,
that relations between Sunny...

...and the emir will always reflect
the warmth and affection...

...our two countries have
traditionally felt for each other.

Thank you.
No, I'd like to say something.
I'd like to say that I think
the emir is really a great guy.

As for Mr. Al Kabeer
and his friends here...

...I've never met a nicer bunch
of foreign people.

And that car is just about
the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

It gives me a headache to tell
you that as a government employee...

...I will transfer ownership of it...
:38:47 the General
Services Administration...

...and include it in a list
of gifts to an official...

:38:52 the report in accordance...
...with federal registry order 327.
Crazy, I'd never do that.