Yeah, maybe.
Donna? Donna!
Hey, Donna!
Could you beep your horn, please?
Hey, Donna!

God, Sunny! Oh, Sunny.
Hi, sweetie!
Sunny, what are you doing?
A very special assignment.
Can't you tell?

They look awfully like dogs.
Very important dogs, though. They
belong to some Bulgarian big shot.

Come on, guys, sit down.
Stay! Sheba!
Come on, stay.
Stay, baby, stay.
- Hi.
- Oh, Sunny.

God, we really miss you, Sunny.
- God, I miss you guys too.
- You do?

Everybody's so jealous of you.
All those big parties
and famous people...

...and events that shape our life,
and shit like that.

Oh, I gotta go. Darn it.
Give my love to Lou, will you?
I think he's gonna
have to close the club.

Are you kidding?
He's losing money.
We're all out looking for other jobs.

Oh, that's terrible.
Is there anything I can do?
To tell you the truth,
I think Lou was hoping...

...with your new connections...
:47:21 might be able to do
something to help him out.

Why don't you get in,
and we'll talk about it.

No, it's okay, I'm gonna walk.
Come on.
Sunny, I'm not really
crazy about dogs.

I know you're not crazy about dogs...
Wait a minute!
Wait! Sheba!
Where is our dear Sunny?
In the bathroom.
I see. And Mr. Ransome?