I got the same call.
Said something about lots of VIPs...
...and something
like "Guaranteed very good time."

Here in this dive?
Hey, didn't Sunny Davis used
to work in this joint?

- The Sheik of Arabic.
- Who the hell is that?

Thank you.
- Hey, isn't that Sunny Davis?
- Your Highness.

I'd like you to meet Lou Fox.
Hey, that's a hell of an honor,
Your Majesty.

That's all I got to say, an honor.
Thank you very much.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Here we go.
- Over here, Sunny, please.

You mind crouching down
a little, Your Honor...

:55:38 we get the sign in the picture?
Here he comes! Girls, showtime!
Showtime, places!

George, you salute.
Girls, flags over your heart.
I want you to think of this
as your oasis away from your oasis.

Your Majesty and you fellas...
:55:58'll find we pour some
of the most generous drinks in town.

- This way, Your Majesty.
- Okay.

Hey, by the way, tonight's dinner
special is Virginia ham...

...with a choice of vegetables.
- Hey, Lou?
- What, Sun, what?

Who are those guys?
It's a little birthday party.
They want me to make them
a cake made out of raw fish.

Well, happy birthday!
Happy birthday.
Oh, hi, honey!
What's going on in there?
What's this?
Hey, let's get this.
Hey, guys. Guys, get on this!
Ralph, get your camera.
Ladies, are you friends of Sunny's?
We're in public relations.
We're all out of camel's milk,
but this is yogurt and 7UP.