Make a wish.
- Hello.
- Hi.

This is a swell place, isn't it?
Yes, it is. Swell.
I used to work here.
I know that.
See that girl over there? There.
See that girl dressed
like kind of a chicken?

An emu, I would imagine.
What about her?
I used to have to wear that
costume a lot when I worked here.

It's pretty silly, isn't it?
You must have looked beautiful.
More males!
- Oh, thanks.
- Look at you.

Oh, thanks for coming.
I want you to come see the emir.
- He's here!
- Just what we need, more men.

Your Majesty, I'd like to introduce
you to Ben Granger and Jerry Jerome.

These are the guys that I live with.
And this is His...
- El Emir KhalaÂ’ad bin Abdul Majid.

Just a short while ago, the emir and
his entourage escorted Sunny Davis...

...inside the Safari Club
you see behind me.

They came in those limos.
By the way,
the guests continue to arrive.

The kind of guests you wouldn't
necessarily associate...

All right, Sue!
Yeah, but I would.
I think your guests
are having a good time.

Oh, yes.
- Hey.
- Jimmy?