Purple Rain

(Jungle Love continues)
I really liked your song, too.
(Jungle Love continues)
(Bongo drumbeat, background)
FATHER: (Yells) Listen to me!
You come home when I say come home.
You got no business in the streets.

MOTHER: Leave me alone.
FATHER: Come here!
I said, "Now!"
FATHER: Do you hear me?
THE KID: Mom! Dad!

FATHER: Keep this place clean!
THE KID: Please, Dad, she's heard you!
MOTHER: He wants to kill me.
He's crazy.
MOTHER: Look what he's doing to me.
BILLY: I don't get it.
An important meeting like this
and he doesn't show up.

The Kid must've forgotten
who owns this club.

I got to make some changes. Fast.
It's going to affect all the bands.
It's the second time he's missed.
I'm telling you he's fucking up.

You know what you need to do?
You need to get rid of him.

The last three bands that came out
here went on to be big stars.

I thought The Kid was next, but he's
ruined it. He ain't even pulling them in.