Racing with the Moon

Here we are!
All right.
Henry Nash, right here. Henry Nash.
He's my bodyguard.
All right? So don't try any funny stuff,
because I know what you're up to here.

Henry, give each person
on this side a book.

Leave one on the empty beds,
because that means they're in therapy.

Good. Hi. I'm glad you're up.
- Oh, good, you found it.
- They had it on order or something.

- What would you like?
- You got any Hammett?

- Hammett?
- Yeah. Dashiell Hammett.

- I'll check the cart.
- That's okay. Forget it.

- It'll just take a second.
- No, that's all right. Relax, forget it.

What's your name?
Henry, sir.
How old are you?
Seventeen, sir.
How old do you think I am?
I'm 22.
You call everybody who's 22 "sir"?
No, sir. I mean, no.
My name's Frank.
Guess they'll be calling you up
pretty soon, huh, Henry?

February 12th.
Go ahead, look at it.
I do. All day long.
Sometimes, you know, I can still feel it.
That's the God's truth.
Only I half-believe it's gone.