The Ice Pirates

- Cross-tracking air?
- Check.

Corrected velocity? What the hell is that?
Ouija game.
Forget that and program the course.
Seven seconds.

Don't give them an inch.
- Two, one...
- Clear.

- Anything on radar?
- No. Why?

It all seemed too easy to me.
- Anything?
- No. All clear.

- Except for him.
- What's "him"?

This little thing?
He's just the ship's garbage robot. Look.

Congratulations, ladies.
You're now bona fide pirates.

Should be in Zagora in about three days.
- Do you know this man?
- Yeah.

That's an old friend of mine.
What do you know about him?
His name is Lanky Nibs.
A rabble-rouser from the midsection.

- Can you arrange for me to see him?
- Why?

It's a private matter.
Tough guy to deal with.
He's a pirate. I'm sure he can be bought.
And what do you intend to buy him with?
The water on this ship.
- You've got three problems there.
- Which are?

Your partners.
I do believe we have the controlling vote.
This ship and everything on it
belongs to me.

- Not anymore.
- Wrong.

You don't actually think we believe
you're going to use that, do you?

You should.
- Who's going to fly this ship?
- I will.

Find the pirate moon all by yourself?
He's already fed the course
into the computer.

I can always find it again.
I still don't think you'll use it.
Is that because
you consider yourself so charming...

that this Galaxy
couldn't survive without you?

Or is it simply because
you're too stupid to realize...

just how close to dying you really are?