The Killing Fields

To many Westerners,
it seemed a paradise.

Another world, a secret world.
But the war in neighboring
Vietnam burst its borders...

...and the fighting soon spread
to neutral Cambodia.

In 1973, I went to cover
this sideshow struggle...

:00:51 foreign correspondent
of The New York Times.

It was there, amidst the fighting...
...between government troops
and the Khmer Rouge guerrillas...

...that I met my guide
and interpreter, Dith Pran...

...a man who was to change my life...
:01:08 a country that I grew to love
and pity.

So here we go
with Voice of America...

:01:22 for Southeast Asia.
It's 6:45 and a partly cloudy
morning here.

Clouds too in Washington.
President Nixon announced he'll
address the nation on Watergate...

...within the next few days.
The speech will be Nixon's
first since May.

The scandal has caused resignations
and paralyzed the White House staff.

It has also led to intense
confrontation and perhaps...

...a constitutional crisis
with Senate investigators...

...and a special
Watergate prosecutor.

The speech was announced
after the Gallup Poll disclosed...

...that Mr. Nixon's popularity
had fallen to the lowest point...