Top Secret!

A pen.
A table.
A table.
The pen is on the table.
There is sauerkraut in my lederhosen.
Come in.
What did he say?
I think we're at the East German

Better have our passports ready.
This is the first time rock music
has been allowed in this country.

You're not just a performer. You're
an ambassador representing America.

And above all, we play by their rules.
Martin, I've been practising.
How's this?

- What does that mean?
- Is your daughter 1 8?

Your papers, please.
Mr Nick Rivers.
We have been awaiting the arrival
of the famous American singer.

- Where are they taking him?
- They are not taking him anywhere.

Do not let your American curiosity
lead you into trouble.

You are a guest here,
only because it serves our purposes.

I suggest that during your stay, it would
be wise to keep to your own affairs.

Good day.
What the hell did you say to him?
I just told him I'd put his name
on the Montgomery Ward mailing list.

I'm sorry.
He's just a little tired from the trip.