After Hours

- Okay, punch. Punch it in.
- Right.

Okay, let's, first of all,
refresh the screen here...

and go in a format ruler.
- There.
- All right.

- Now, file?
- Right.

- And it's in memory?
- Right.

mark this down in the prefix file codes.
- Prefix code. Right.
- Okay.

Good. Yeah, you got it.
Another week, you'll have it down.

It's temporary anyway.
I said it's temporary anyway.
I do not intend to be stuck doing this
for the rest of my life.

- Don't tell Mr. Digman I said that, please.
- Okay.

Because what I really wanna do is
I'd really like to get into publishing.

There aren't any openings right now.
But what I would love to do
is create my own magazine...

which would be like a forum
for writers and intellectuals...

who can't get into print anywhere else.
I'm not into editing
or trying to reach a particular audience.

Getting it out there,
they would get some momentum going...

and do something with...
- With, you know...
- Excuse me, please.