Agnes of God

She took me to my secret place.
Where's that?
I promise I won't tell.
Would you take me?

Sister Paul was in her 80s?
-Did she come here often?
-Only when she felt like it.

She brought me up here last winter,
and the next day she died.

No wonder. Wait.

Agnes, how do you feel about babies?
They frighten me.
I'm afraid I'll drop them.

They have a soft spot, and if you
drop them, they become stupid.

-That's why I don't understand things.
-Like what?

Numbers. You can count
and never reach the end.

I don't understand them either.
Think I was dropped on my head?

I hope not. It's a terrible thing
to be dropped on your head.

Oh, I gotta give up smoking.
Agnes? Wait a minute.
Agnes, slow down.
She said you could see
the whole world from up here.

That it looks much better
far away than it does close-up.

-And sometimes, I get under here.

It makes a wonderful sound.
-What happens if the bell rings?
-It's even more wonderful then.