Agnes of God

It's like hiding from my mother
as a girl.

-Where did you go?
-No place as wonderful as this.

Have you ever thought of leaving
the convent for something else?

There is nothing else.
Being here at night helps me sleep.

-You have trouble sleeping?
-I get headaches.

Mommy did too.
Oh, but she wasn't stupid.
She knew things nobody else knew.

What things?
She knew what was going to happen
to me. So she hid me.

-How did she know?
-Somebody told her.

-I don't know.

You'll laugh.
I promise I won't laugh.
Who told her?

An angel during one of her headaches.
-Did she see angels often?

-Do you?

Do you believe she really saw them?
-No. But I could never tell her that.
-Why not?

She'd get angry.
Agnes, did you love your mother?
-Did you ever want to be a mother?

-I could never be a mother.
-Why not?

I'm not old enough,
and I don't want to have a baby.

Why not?
Because I don't want one.
-If you did, how would you get one?
-From someone who didn't want a baby.

-Like you?
-No, not like me.

How would they get one?
-A mistake.

-Your mother--
-It was a mistake.

-That's what she said?
-You want me to say she was bad...

...but she was a saint
-You know nothing about sex?
-I'm stupid.