Better Off Dead...

Too bad. Real close. Next.
Listen. I think we should talk.
We've been seeing an awful lot
of each other lately...

and I really think
it's in my best interest...

if I went out
with someone more popular...

better looking,
drives a nicer car.

Six months! Six months,
and she dumps me for him.

For Stalin.Just like that.
Six damn months!
Truly a sight to behold...
a man beaten.

The once-great champ...
now a study in mawkishness.
No longer
the victory-hungry stallion...

-All right.
-we've raced so many times before...

but a pathetic...
washed-up, aged ex-champion.
Let's go!
Someone's gonna see God.
I'm gonna break
your goddamn neck!

Get outta the car!
Get outta the car!
Hello. How was your day?
- Beth broke up with me.
- That's nice.

We're through. That's it.
What the hell?
Wait a minute here.

Wait. This is death here.
I haven't even been
to New York City.