Better Off Dead...

I don't get it. How could...
How could she
throw away six months?

I mean, six months?
Just like that?
No explanation, no reason.
Just throw it away.
How can you just
throw away six months?

I mean, when you're
in love with someone...

Six months is just...
I'm history.

Just bam!
Like that, I'm gone.

She's probably just testing me.
A big test.
That's probably... That's her.
That's her.
- Four weeks.

Twenty papers.
That's two dollars.

- Plus tip.
- I don't have a dime. Sorry.

Didn't ask for a dime.
Two dollars.
Well, it's funny, see.
My mom had to leave early...

to take my brother to school
and my dad to work 'cause...

Two dollars. Cash.
The problem here is...
my little brother, this morning...

got his arm caught
in the microwave and...

and my grandmother dropped acid
and freaked out...

and hijacked a school bus
full of penguins.

So it's kind of a family crisis.
So come back later? Great.
Breakin'up is hard to do
Don't take your love...
- To me, and she's gone
-And she's gone

Fifty ways to leave your lover
Hurts so bad