Better Off Dead...

- So you're Al Myer's kid.
- Yes, I am.

- You look pretty stupid to me.
- Thank you.

Let's see if you have any brains.
First you take the meat.

- You understand?
- Yeah.

Then you pat it
in the pig mold.

- Push it in the pig mold.
- This is a push.

This is a pat.
Then take the pig mold
and put it on the tray.

Now put on this hat.
See that sign up there?
You wear it with pride.
Put it on!

You gotta have pride and class
in this business. Understand?

What's that?
Those are the keys
to this establishment.

I want you in here at 6:00 a.m.
Saturday morning.

This place has to be mopped up
before the breakfast crew get here.

- Roger.
- All right.

- Where you goin'?
- I'm gonna go wash my hands.

- I gotta mold and pat.
- Wash your hands on your own time.

- Now, get to work.
- Yes, sir.

- Fat pig.
- What?

Pat. Pat pig.
Everybody wants some.