Better Off Dead...

Where have you been?
We've all been waiting for you.

You come and sit
right down here.

- Have you met Monique?
- Hi.

Now, in honor of our special guest,
I've created "Dinner Mon Dieu."

First we have...
"Fraunch" fries.
"Fraunch" dressing.
And "Fraunch" bread.
And to drink... ta-da!
You really do go to the outer limits
to make an impression.

Monique, enjoying your stay
in our town?

I say, are enjoying your stay
in our town?

- She doesn't speak English, Dad.
- Of course she does.

- Are you enjoying your stay...
- It's no good, Al.

- She don't speak a word.
- Wait a minute.

I thought foreign exchange students
had to speak some English.

Well, as we're discovering
around our household...

you don't need words
to speak the international language.

Right, Ricky?
The international language.
You know... love.
The language of love.
I think Monique and our little Ricky
have a regular...

cross-continental romance
brewing here.

- Him? And her?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

That makes sense.
What does that mean?
I think she wants
to use the bathroom.

It's down the hall,
second door on the left.