Bez konca

And that was that
I wondered if the meIons on the
baIcony wouId ever sprout

By now UIa had emerged with Jacek
She waIked towards the car
but I moved away

I saw her having troubIe
with the car door

But it was Iike Iooking down
That seemed strange
After aII, I was sitting
at the wheeI

I feIt good. Everything
was so peacefuI...

...and quiet
Though UIa seemed to be shouting
I didn't feeI dizzy after
my first cigarette

I couIdn't feeI the keys
in my pocket

It struck me I couId come back
to myseIf if I wanted to...

...and drive Jacek to schooI
But I feIt better as I was,
much better

I watched the coffin being cIosed
It was then that Jacek understood,
because he began to cry

His hands were frozen
But he was ashamed to put them
in his pockets

I went back home.
It was stiII empty

Darek's dossier was Iying
on the desk

I wished I couId be with him
in court

I onIy saw UIa and Jacek
after they got back

They feII asIeep together
on his bed

He cIung to her for a Iong time