Calamari Union

of sickness, poverty,
misery and gloom.

Taste for work is
all that's needed.

Fulfil the daily demands of
wisdom and responsibilities.

What's the time?
Good morning, Frank!
Sleep well?

Why, thanks, Frank.
Daily work would make
life more tolerable.

Work for six days
in a row!

You start, you use your talents
for deducting and analysing.

You must find the fury
for daily action!

What do you say, Frank?
Without love Frank is
but a tinkling bell.

On the other hand,
when you're very young -

you may feel that you
can afford to wait.

That you have years
ahead of you.

All lies! - Let's take...
Frank, for instance.
He's stupid, ignorant,
can't keep his mouth shut.

His conception of morals
has the finesse -

of a hamburger.
What does he say
about his mother?

Or the Sanitation Service?
That a woman can fall in love
with a toilet seat like him -

is proof of the state of abasement
of the woman of our century!

Who are you talking about?
- Sit down, Frank.

Who are they
talking about?

You, Frank.
- Shut up, Frank!

You swine!