Calamari Union

That was terrible.
You're right,
we shouldn't do that.

They take it all back in
the product prices.

Where shall we eat?
- I'm not hungry any more.

I'll take it back.
- For fuck's sake!

It's a terrible sound.
The small crack of
a hard-boiled egg -

against the bar counter.
When it echoes in the mind
of a hungry man.

His head is
a terrible sight, too.

In the shop window
early in the morning.

A dust-coloured reflection.
But he's not looking
at his own head.

Why should he?
No, he's dreaming.
Dreaming of some
other head -

a calf's head in
a vinegar sauce.

Or any other head
good for food.

He grinds his teeth -
knowing that the world -
doesn't give a damn
about him.

Nothing he can do
to the world!

He counts his fingers -
one, two, three!

One, two, three!
Three days without food!