Are we gonna fly?
Are we gonna fly In that?
You know what I don't understand?
They just dldn't ask anythlng.
You know? I mean, about Daryl.
Just llke those plctures you showed
us, completely anonymous.

Just Daryl In front
of the same blank wall.

- Can I go see the pllot now?
- Sure, you can.

Ask hlm anythlng you want.
Oh, hl there, Daryl. Come on In.
So you wanna learn how to fly
thls thlng, huh?

I'd flnd It very Interestlng.
OK, well, here's your altltude and
your alr speed and your englne thrust.

RIght here Is your horlzon
level Indlcator.

- And over here, we have the...
- You know, the extraordlnary thlng Is

that we've accompllshed
somethlng by accldent

that we wouldn't have dared
to do by Intent.

Puttlng hlm out there
just to see what would happen.

When Dr. Mulllgan kldnapped hlm,
that was the best thlng
he could have done.

You were rlght about
Its learnlng potentlal.