Death Wish 3

Did I?
This is a sticker, Hector.
- And you're the stickee.
- No!

Aren't you gonna welcome me back?
Mr. Kimble? Kathryn Davis,
Public Defender's Office.

- You're being released now.
- Thanks, Miss Davis.

- You're just going to walk away?
- Yup.

- You have cause to press charges. Sue.
- Miss Davis, it's all right.

- You don't wanna do anything?
- No.

- I don't understand.
- Goodbye.

- Here's my number, just in case.
- Thanks.

Is there someplace I can get hold of you?
I need something for the release form.

Bitch, come here, I wanna eat you.
I wanna lick you all over.

I'm coming for you, bitch.
Come here, I wanna eat you.

Come on, bitch.
Come on! Come on, bitch! Come on.
Come on, stop the car. Come on, bitch!
Stop the car.