Death Wish 3

- What's that for? The new car.
- That's bait.

Coming through the lobby, I smelled
something cooking. It smelled great.

It was probably coming from
the Kaprovs' apartment.

- Kaprovs?
- Yeah. I'll introduce you. Come on.

These are the Kaprovs. This is Eli, Erica.
This is Mr. Kersey. He's now in apartment
2C. He was admiring your dinner.

- Stuffed cabbage.
- Smells wonderful.

- Would you like to join us?
- Sure.

- Can I have a few minutes to clean up?
- Certainly.

I'll be right back.
Nice man.
My sister said,
"Know him? I married him in 1931."

Come on!
Let's get the fucking car open!

Excuse me, please.
- Hey. What's the problem?
- What?

- With the car. What's the problem?
- Get outta my fucking face.

We're stealing a fucking car.
What's it to you?

It's my car.
Now you gonna die.
- We heard shots. What happened?
- I sent them a message.