Death Wish 3

Right on! Right on!
They killed The Giggler, man.
They killed The Giggler!
They had no business doing that. None.
It's the new man, the one from the jail.
That wasn't smart. No, not too smart.
Come on, you all, let's move it back.
Make way.

Where you been? It's about time.
I'm glad he's dead!

He took my pocketbook three weeks ago!
I'm glad he's dead!

Cops never get here on time!
- Hi, team.
- Hello, Chief.

What have you got here?
There's not much left
of the sucker, is there?

- How are things around here?
- Better. It's getting quiet.

Our efforts must be having a positive effect.
- We're getting fewer complaints.
- Don't let it go to your head.

Looked like a rifle bullet.
The shot came from over there.

- He was a good shot.
- Better than anyone in our department.

- Hello.
- Hello.

The guy at the store said this wine is good.
Great. I'll open it.
I hope you like chicken.
It's the only thing I can make.

Chicken's good. I like chicken.
I have one sister.
She lives in Binghamton, New York.

And I hate her.
But I love sports.
Basketball and football on TV.

- What do you like?
- I like opera.