Death Wish 3

It's like killing roaches.
You have to kill them all.

- Hi. Is this Mr. Emil?
- Yes. Yes.

I think your wife needs your help.
She's sick or something.

- Who is this? What do you mean?
- Hey, you be nice now.

- You better be here, at home.
- Who is this?

You threw one of my boys
outta your store last week.

It's your wife. She's dying.
- Hello?
- See what you've done? You got me mad.

Fuck it.
It's me he wants, you know. How's Emil?
Forget Emil. Emil's done for.
He'll never be the same again.
20 years, nobody ever did a thing
like that to me. Breaking my windows.

Well, I say fuck 'em. I've had it.
Charley said the same thing
and he was right.

He was afraid he was gonna use them.
He should have.

Instead, he gave them to me to keep.
Next time they come,
I've got something for them.

- What?
- I'll show you.

A.30-calibre Browning machine gun.
Charley brought them home from the war.
They still work.