European Vacation

It's time for America's favorite game show:
Pig in a Poke!

Pig in a poke
It pays to be a glutton

Pig in a poke
Oink! Oink! Oink!

Pig in a poke
You could win all or nothing

"Pig in a poke
Oink! Oink! "

So, let's meet our current champions:
The Griswalds.

Here's the star of our show,
Kent Winkdale.

Clark, it's time for your big decision.
Will you keep what's in the poke,
or risk everything...

...and go for the big prize?
Johnny, remind the folks
what they've already won.

The super-charged Honda 750 motorcycle!
A dream kitchen with brand new
major appliances! And for Clark...

...the king of the family...
...a ten-year supply of Regal Car Polish...
...the car wax of royalty!
First, Clark, remind our audience
who you are and what you do.

I'm Clark W. Griswald.
I'm in food additives, not preservatives.