European Vacation

Not preservatives!
What about the family?
This is my wife, Ellen, my son,
Rusty, and daughter, Audrey.

Hello, Ellen.
Hi, Rusty.
You've won some fantastic prizes.
Do you want to keep them...
...or risk everything, and be a pig?
Be a pig!
Let's keep what we have.
I love the Signore Cappuccino.

Don't do it.
Nobody ever wins the grand prize.

We've decided.
Oink, oink. We'll be pigs.
So long, motorcycle.
You're very brave. I wish you luck.
Now, a fantastic surprise.
Back, by popular demand...

...the all-time winningest family
in the history of Pig in a Poke:

The Froegers.
The Froegers?
No one's ever beaten the Froegers.

Mr. Froeger, tell us about yourselves.
I won my Nobel Prize in 1967.
My wife won hers in 1970.
Our son, Moe, has just been elected
to the board of Microtech...

...a computer software corporation.
Our daughter, Ruth, is the youngest female
ever to be accepted at Harvard Law School.

Good luck to all of you.
Now, let's take a look at our categories.

American Explorers.
Chronology of the Pharaohs.