European Vacation

It's right here under the car.
The tire isn't flat, so we're in good shape.
Thanks for the directions. Sorry for
what happened. You're all right?

- Sure.
- Drive carefully. Have a nice day.

We just drive around this circle.
It should be the second left.

There's the hotel. Hey, look,
there's Big Ben and there's Parliament.

There it is!
I know, I can't seem to get over to the left.
I'll try next time.

Sorry. We'll get out of this jam
in a minute.

Kids, Big Ben, Parliament, again.
- We know. Big Ben.
- Parliament.

That son of a bitch!
Look, kids. Forget it.
It's amazing. I cannot get left!
There's Big Ben, Parliament.
"When it's time to relax
One thing stands clear

"Beer after beer
"If you got the time
"We got the beer"
"Reach out, reach out and touch someone
"Reach out, call up and just say, 'Hi"'
What's the matter?
I can't stand it.
I'll never make it through two weeks.