European Vacation

We've got to go
if we want to catch that plane.

You're right.
Let's go, Russ!
Come on!
Take a last look, kids...
:34:18 one of man's most curious creations.
Built to stand the test of time
and the elements.

War. You name it.
A thing of glory
for a million future generations to see.

And we were here.
Gay Paris. The City of Lights.
This is the famous Left Bank.
Can you guess what's on the other side?

The Bank of America.
Everybody, get closer to the fountain.
If we get any closer, we'll get all wet.
It'll be a good shot.
The Griswalds in front of a fountain.
Major entertainment.

Russ, get in the middle.
Let me take it.
You haven't been in any of them.

I got a good idea.
Monsieur, excusez-moi.
Clark Griswald. United States of America.
My family and I.
Would you take a picture of us?

Je ne comprends pas.
Could you photograph us?