European Vacation

Second, you know I'd never do anything
to injure you.

You know I'd never do anything
to hurt my opinion of myself.

If the beret bothers you, it bothers me.
If it upsets you, it upsets me.

How did you enjoy shopping today?
Wait until you see what I got.
I got it because the saleslady
said it's one of a kind.

I'll never find another like it.
I know it's silly...

...but I only got it for you.
Honey, I wouldn't want the kids
to see me in something like this.

Sparky, it's our first night in Paris.
Let's do something romantic.

- I'm taking you out to dinner.
- "Out"?

I felt like staying in.
I thought it would be really nice
to be alone.

I'd never go anywhere without you.
Cheer up.
I promised you a night on the town.

We'll see some French culture.
You'll love it.

Down with the feet, hip distance apart...
...stomachs pulled in, buttocks tight.