European Vacation

I'm proud of you guys.
We've seen everything in Paris,
and we're on schedule.

Can't we slow down a little bit?
I'm exhausted.

We'll have a relaxing time
with my relatives in Germany.

Enjoying Paris?
Have you seen the Louvre yet?
Not yet.
The Left Bank is charming.
We plan to go there.
- Been up the Eiffel Tower yet?
- No, but it's on our list.

Have a good time.
What a waste. We've seen 10 times
as much as they have.

Hi, sweetie. You want some breakfast?
I'm not hungry.
He's got his hands on her tits
right at the table.

Stop staring.
European standards of public behavior
are different than ours.

But they're from Akron.
Audrey, I've missed the shit out of you.
Luckily, Debbie came by to cheer me up.
- That bitch!
- Something the matter, Audrey?

It's time we asked ourselves
this question:

Is this relationship strong enough
for us to consider seeing other people?

I think it is.
Pass the croissants, please.
And the butter and jelly.

I'm glad your appetite's back.
Who have I got to be thin for?